Nothing Trumps an American Sex Scandal

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Tabloids and gossip sites are not my usual cup of tea, but some scandals are just too entertaining to not pay attention to. Whenever a pornstar is drawn into one, I instantly start paying attention. There is something satisfying about knowing the big shot rich and famous guys are getting off to the same girls that I do. When you find out that they also got to fuck the girls, I feel a sense of both jealousy and intrigue.

Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods both made huge fools out of themselves with pornstars, but of course, there have been many more than them. The sexploits of Donald Trump come to mind.

Stormy Daniels Youtube videos can serve as a pretty good refresher on that scandal.

As it turns out, Stormy is using her elevated fame for some good causes. She has teamed up with to help Make America Cum Again. In the linked video, she will talk a bit about that and also tell you where to send her an email and how it helps put money towards two of her favorite charities: Pineapple Support and K9s for Warriors.