Some Bets Are Safe

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And what bets might those be? For one, if you meet a girl with a spider tattooed in her cleavage and a hand grenade on her hamstring then you should probably place money on the fact that she is a pretty easy lay.

Now that could be simply because she is a slut or maybe it is because she likes sex enough to not carry around hampering inhibitions but then again perhaps she is considered a slut because she doesn’t inhibit her sexual desires. All of those essentially boils down to the same thing for a guy. You want to get laid and if you don’t go and complete duff it, you have a good chance here.

And that was probably about as judgmental as I can get but that’s perhaps just part of and parcel what happens when you try and read people with minimal information.

The fun thing at this site is that all of the models are authentic amateurs and from all walks of life. It really makes it pretty interesting and also very erotic as nothing is acted or fake.

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